Myths Of Co-sleeping 

1.Co-sleeping is Dangerous 

Most doctors doesnt advice co-sleeping with baby, because it increases SIDs or sudden infant death syndrome. However safe co sleeping is possible by buying separate bassinet. In fact AAP encourage families to share room/bed with their babies for first 6 months to a year. As a matter of fact, having baby nearby lowers the risk of SIDs up to 50 percent.

2.Bed-sharing is Fine for light sleepers

Life of new mom is exhausting, it is unlikely you are sleeping lightly, moreover it is important you get best sleep whenever possible. If you are co-sleeping and bothered about the safety of your baby, you are not sleeping and you should be.

3.A tragedy that would not happen to you

Even you are going to nap off for couple of minutes, even when you remove that fluffy comforter making it safe and try to make the best co-sleeper, even when you do this for only this time, the reality is it does not matter. It take it only as a chance for tragedy to happen. Stats about co-sleeping suggest most if not all of sleep-oriented fatalities can be marked up to co sleeping.


1.Co-sleeping Is much more common as compared to it is thought 

A study done in 2013 recommends that sharing bed nearly doubled between year 1903 to year 2010. From 6% of parents in 1993 to around 13 percent of parents in year 2010. And this means 1 parent in your locality is possibly sharing bed with their baby

2.Co-sleeping Boosts Baby’s Growth 

Sharing room with child improve sensory development. Babies learn to respond to sensory signals of parents and others. This include movements, smells, sounds, heat and touches even.

3.Co-sleeping should not kill romance between Wife and Husband

Sleep deprivation can possibly leave you needing more to sleep than you need sex, however sleeping with your child within your room should not put damper on romance and sex life. Where you plan to let you child sleep is not the only reason for ending of your marriage or reason you and partner no longer intimate with each other. There are other bigger reasons. For some of the parents, sharing rooms or bed with their child needs couples to find some other means or moments to become romantic and as a matter of fact it really helps spice your sex things up. It makes and increase the intimacy between the wife and husbands more interesting as they need to become more creative to make time and timings.